Pimanyoli's Sidewalk Cafe & Catering Pimanyoli's Sidewalk Cafe & Catering

Fun Facts & Tidbits

Fun Facts & Tidbits

#Where does the name Pimanyoli's come from?:  The name is a combination of our owners nicknames; The late Pepper who died February 20, 2014 was also known as "Piman", and Yolanda is known as "Yoli".  Pimanyoli's was a lifelong dream of Piman's.  He lived to witness six years of his success.  Job well done Piman, job well done!!

#We opened June 23, 2008.  It will be seven years come June 23, 2015.

#Piman aka Pepper is responsible for the deliciousness of all of our smoked meats.   We feel confident in saying he was the Master of all Pit Masters, and he taught us well.  He also mastered the degree of tenderness a brisket should be......melt in your mouth perfection.  He preferred smoking meats without sauce so that you can experience the true flavors of the meats, and he krafted his very own BBQ Sauce.   It is not uncommon to walk by a table and see a customer holding a sandwich in one hand and the table BBQ sauce in the other.  Folks can be very serious when it comes to their meats and BBQ Sauce. 

#The Sauce:  Our House BBQ Sauce is a homemade recipe from our Pitmaster himself.  His secret recipe is made with 21 ingredients which he left behind to his wife and she ain't sharing. 

#Our Hot Tamale Story:  The recipe for our Pass-A-Dozen Hot Tamales is over 100 years old.  They were first made in Newellton, Louisiana (hometown of Yoli's mother) by a man better known as Hot Tamale Dan, the Hot Tamale Man (Dan Harris).  Daily he walked the streets of Newellton with his makeshift stove selling these tasty little morsels.  As a little girl, Yoli's mom would follow him to the ends of the earth to get them.  

When they all grew older, Yoli's mom thought it would be wise to ask Mr. Dan for his recipe in that he had no children to bequeath it to. When the Harris's finally retired their hot tamale business, my mother asked them how much they would charge her for the recipe.  His wife Mrs. Bessie Harris responded by asking my mom to buy her "a little black hat" in exchange for the "secret recipe."  Thus began the Pass-A-Dozen (PAD) tamale business of Baton Rouge.  

For years our tamales were sold in clubs around Baton Rouge and its surrounding parishes.  According to Yoli's sister Wanda Pass, CEO, the goal is to mass produce and distribute the tamales nationwide.  As for now, they are being sold exclusively at Pimanyoli's.  However, in the near future you will be able to look for them in a grocery store near you.  But for now, they can be found right here, made daily by Wanda and our mom Verdi.  But you better come early because they are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  
#Is this our only restaurant?:  Yes, whereas many people believe we came here after Hurricane Katrina, we are not from New Orleans.  However the comparison is nice.

#The Music:  Our music derives from a variety of sources.  We like listening to the Blues, Old School sounds from the 50s and 60s, Elvis, the Blind Pigs, New Orleans Brass Bands, and Jazz.
#Yes the Mac 'n Cheese is homemade.  No, it's not from either the blue or yellow box.
#In Yoli's opinion,
the only way the Pull Pork on bun or PoBoy should be eaten is with the coleslaw on top.  Otherwise it would be like eating grits without butter.  

Pimanyoli's Sidewalk Cafe & Catering

14241 Airline Highway, Ste. 105
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